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Wait, What? Gordon Ramsay Being ‘The Nicest Guy’ Has Stunned Reddit

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has become a force to reckon with. The British celebrity is not just an ace chef, but also a renowned television personality and food critic. His witty and hilarious style of criticism has become a huge part of his persona as a celebrity chef. People often await his videos wherein he shares his funny responses to cooking videos going viral online. But one video of Gordon Ramsay has left everybody stunned. In a rare clip that surfaced on Reddit, the celebrity chef was caught in a candid and touching moment. The video of Ramsay being ‘the nicest guy’ has left Reddit users stunned. Take a look:

The video was shared by user u/Limitless_yt89 in the sub-Reddit r/MadeMeSmile. It has raked in over 103k upvotes and nearly a thousand comments on the platform in the short span of just 24 hours. “Gordon Ramsay being the nicest guy,” was the title of the video.


In the video, Ramsay could be seen talking to a guy named Scooter Telford on his show Hotel Hell. The clip seemed to be a behind-the-scenes moment from the show wherein Gordon Ramsay and the contestant was conversing privately. First, Ramsay asked him how many years of college he still had to finish. Then, he said, “I want you to keep in touch with me. I will give you my email. Cause I want to finance those next four years in college personally.” Telford was brought to tears by his gesture. “Keep that dream alive of owning your own bakery. Then when your bakery is open, all I want back is a loaf of bread,” said Ramsay in the video.

Reddit users couldn’t help but express their amazement at Gordon Ramsay’s kind gesture. The fact that he offered to pay for the college tuition for his contestant Scooter Telford was indeed astonishing. “That’s the amazing side of Gordon. So wholesome,” commented one Reddit user. “If you watch any of his shows, he’s a genuine and passionate person who lifts other people up as far as I can tell,” said another one.


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