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Proud US Woman Rents Billboard To Celebrate Daughter’s Degree

Proud US Woman Rents Billboard To Celebrate Daughter's Doctorate Degree

Nothing in this world can come close to a mother’s love. When a child achieves significant success in life, it is the parents who are most delighted. A woman from New Jersey, in the United States, is gaining traction on social media for putting up a hoarding to congratulate her daughter who earned a doctorate degree.

Kendra Busbee was so proud of her daughter that she chose to tell the entire city about her accomplishment. The proud mother paid $1,250 to hire the billboard, but she claims the impact is priceless, reported 6ABC.

A post was shared by Ms Busbee on Facebook on July 28 which said, “You must be my shining star. You were going to shine no matter where you are! I am the proudest mommy bean. I love you Dr. Kristine S. Smalls.

The post acquired hundreds of likes and comments. Users went on congratulating Dr Smalls for her achievement and Ms Busbee for being so proud.

Everyone passing along Route 130, just south of Airport Circle near Camden, could see Dr Kristine S. Smalls’ face and her accomplishments.

“The kids there don’t really know what’s outside of Camden. Seeing somebody on a billboard becoming a doctor, it is possible,” said Smalls.

According to a report from 6ABC, Ms Busbee’s daughter Kristine obtained her psychology doctorate from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine on July 29.

At the age of five years old, she knew that she wanted to be a doctor. That’s was the only reason behind to celebrate big,” Ms Busbee of Camden told the outlet.

The incident began in the parking lot of a pub in Pennsauken. “She thought I was surprising her with a Covid party in the parking lot. Then she spotted the large billboard,” Ms Busbee said.

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