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Social Media Pros and Cons

There are 90 million active mobile users in Pakistan. Among them, 40 million use keypad phones ( simple phones) While 50 million use smartphones and 40 million have access to social media 3.8 million use Facebook, Instagram, and 2.5 million use YouTube while the TikTok ratio is higher among all So if we say that in every 9 People 6 people use social media it will not be wrong For operating a Facebook account one must not be a degree holder of an education degree mobile literacy is enough to run apps and convey the message through audio, video, and visuals in far-flung areas where the literacy rate is almost 2% or below this people still use Facebook YouTube & TikTok One can say that for Facebook you need to be literate enough to read but for TikTok, all you need is to swipe and change the video Pros of Social Media :

Blaming social media for all the wrongdoings won’t work cause many people are earning and learning and for many its the only communication way People living abroad call their loved ones through WhatsApp to cause simple calls are not affordable nor used often until & unless is emergency Back in time people used to say that it’s been a long time since we haven’t seen each other now that excuse is over due to video calls and with one tap one can start a video call with a person sitting in another country Twitter is the platform that is used by people either politicians, bureaucrats, and other celebrities The ratio of users of literacy here is 100% cause a person looking for entertainment is like expecting a horse to grow horns Mostly Policy Makers and journalists use Twitter for verified news and current scenarios so one must be updated on all over happenings in the world Many buying and selling groups are now a great earning source for many individuals cause in this you don’t need to invest in a shop all you need is to upload the product with a price tag and buyers will reach them online without any mediator and third man role Many people are selling their services online on different platforms and earning dollars such in graphic designing, social media marketing, video editing, and many more
Cons of Social Media :
One can agree with the impact of social media on society norms and culture but can’t keep himself aside from it  Kids playing PUBG game is taking them away from their main motive which is education and their main time for learning is wasted playing online games On TikTok, everyone is in the race to get more  followers and likes and in that many people lost their lives and respect cause the criteria for getting more views and ranking to be on the top is either to be a good dancer meme god or ostentation which greater harm to the society as everyone is proving himself superior over others  On every platform, some are earning dollars and learning from it while some are wasting time some people’s motive is to get fame while some are making dollars Many people joined groups of articles and get preparing for competitive exams like CSS/PMS while some for sad poetry everyone has their own viewpoint and level of interest but has to think about future learn some skills sell it online along with this keep yourself busy in other entertainment things as well


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