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Viral: Japanese Man’s Reaction After Having Vada Pav Is Too Adorable To Miss

A Japanese man travelling in Mumbai tried vada pav, and his reaction is too adorable to miss.


  • This Japanese man tried vada pav
  • He loved having the delight
  • Take a look inside

When we say Mumbai, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Maybe the mesmerising Marine drive? Or the tall buildings? For us foodies, it is delicious and local food, especially vada pav. One can even say that vada pav is the soul of Mumbai. There are various vada pav stalls that line up the nooks and corners of the city. No matter where you have it, a plate of this street food will always satisfy you. And it’s not just us Indians who love this street food, those who travel from outside the nation and try it out also love it! Recently, a Japanese man travelling in Mumbai tried out this delight, and his reaction is too adorable to miss.

In a video uploaded by Instagram user @koki_shishido, we can see him buying two vada pavs from a shop. He first speaks fluent Hindi and asks for the street food. Then he gives one of the vada pavs to a homeless man sitting on the roadside. After that, he can be seen relishing the vada pavs. He begins by having a piece of green chilli then he eats the pav and instantly loves it. He says, “This is very tasty. It is my favourite breakfast in Maharashtra.” Take a look at the video here:


Ever since he uploaded this video, it has been viewed one million times, has more than a thousand comments, and 142K likes. Many people were impressed that he even gave the vada pav to a homeless person. Others commented on his vada pav-eating style and appreciated him. Check out some of the comments below:

“I don’t usually comment anything positive, but it feels so good seeing guys like you doing so much for others just for the sake of humanity. Keep it up and keep sharing such content.”

“Such a nice gesture, bro. Hats off to you. Keep up with the humanity.”

“World needs this type of people.”

“Finally, a non-Indian eating vada pav correctly. Sorry, but Indian food takes a bit of practice to eat. Usually, foreigners mess up a bit. But I love that you love vada pav.”

“Seeing him has made me hungry for some vada pavs.”

“How can you eat green chillies so casually?”

What do you think about this viral video? Let us know in the comments below!

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